Can Your Phone Hurt You?

–By Alisa Hurtado

Walk into any public place and one can’t help but notice that most people are staring at their phone. Even when gathered with several close friends or family members people are still likely to be engaging with their phone as much as each other.

So, how is your phone changing you? From our posture to our sleep, AsapSCIENCE addresses this and many other surprising details about how phone use has impacted human life in the brief yet entertaining video linked below.

There are some benefits to the increase of access to cell phones, such as increased access to information and instant long distance communication. Given the many harmful side effects of frequent use, however, should we reconsider the way we utilize these handy yet distracting tools? Do you think that you could take a smart phone vacation? How would you imagine this vacation affecting your daily life, both positively and negatively?


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