Social Anxiety Expressed through Slam Poetry

By Kara Friend

Fear of judgement

Fear of attention  

Fear of someone watching

Fear of meeting new people

Fear of being in big groups

The list goes on, but the theme remains the same: what are other people thinking about me? (Answer: nothing good.) Social anxiety is the fear these thoughts evoke.

Everyone experiences these thoughts and feelings in some way, but for those of us with social anxiety, these fears often feel like they are running our lives. Sometimes our inability to speak doesn’t feel like a choice.

Social anxiety disorder is the third most common mental health problem in the United States, and chances are we are someone or know someone who experiences these feelings and thoughts.

How has social anxiety impacted your life or someone you love? If you have noticed someone you or someone you love has been impacted, therapy individual or group is just one way to help! Here are some more practical skills to help out!


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